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Product Name:SMTJET UV FLATBED 2513 2030 1313 PRINTER

Product Details:
UV Flatbed 1313 2513 2030
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Min. Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
Place of Origin:
Min. Order:
FOB Price:
USD 3000.00-35000.00 /Set
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Production Capacity:
200 Set/Sets per Month
Delivery Time:
Within 20 working days
Packed by Plywood case Packing Size: 3.2*2.07*1.5m (1313) 2.5*4.9*1.7m (2513) 5.8*2.28*2.4m(2030) G.W.: 500KG(1313) , 2000KG(2513) , 2500KG(2030)

Detailed Product Description:

LED UV Flatbed High Resolution UV Printing Machine.


Japan RICOH GEN5 Printhead

Head Panel

Japan NICHIA LED UV lamp





Static Eliminator


Double Servers

Suction Adjust Switch

Photoprint RIP Software


Detail Information:

1.Industry print heads----Ricoh Gen5 

Manufacturer: Japan Ricoh company

Material: Steel

Nozzle: 4 rows, 320pcs/row, total 1280pcsNozzle width:about 54.00mm

Drop volume:4-7PL

Physical Resolution: 600DPI  

Fire Frequency: 30KHz

Using life: 8-10years 


A.High resolution

It owns 600dpi high physics resolution, with few print heads could reach high definition printing performance.

B. One print head with multi color

It has independent ink channel, one print head can reach max 4 color printing.

C. Muti Greyscale

It max could reach 8 degree Greyscale with high color expression ability.

D. Convenient to install and maintenance.

E. Print head self heating function

2. Cold Light LED UV Lamp 

Equips with Japan LED lamps. This lamp are different from the traditional mercury lamps. 

Compared with normal lamps, LED Lamp has 5 big advantages:

(1) Lower Power consumption (2) Less radiation.  (3) Cool light   (4) Longer Using Life 

(5) Safer and more environmental friendly

3. Mechanical structure design

Heavy load mechanical structure ensured the best printing performance on glasses and stone.

4. High precision printing panel. 

5. Sucking panel 

Sucking design under the panel,controlled by the switch according to needs, it can ensure the printing material lay on the printing panel tightly without offsets and can print smoothly, achieves perfect printing performance.

6. Imported Servo motor

Imported High Precision Industrial DELTA servo motors for X/Y Axis, supply enough power.

7.Carriage height automatic lifting function 

The height of the carriage is adjustable according to material's thickness (Maximum 15cm).

8. Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

Guarantee the stable ink supply during the printing.

9.Double Rail  

Ensures the stable movement of the carriage; Heat resistant, oil resistant, wear-resisting and long using life Italy megadyne belt and so on high quality spare parts ensure the whole high quality and high performance of the printer.